BWT(NI) can provide full Legionella Risk Assessments to L8 ACoP specification.

BWT(NI)’s trained and experienced personnel can carry out a detailed survey on any systems where there may be a (Legionella based) risk to health, ensuring you are fully aware of potential risks and fully compliant with legislation. A comprehensive site-specific report will then be presented, detailing the level of risk and highlighting recommendations for any modifications necessary to prevent or minimise those risks, in accordance with L8. The Risk Assessment will be carried out to a standard user-friendly format, and key points highlighted to the client.

L8 ACoP (Legionnaires Disease: The control of legionnaires disease in water systems: Approved Code of Practice and Guidance) places a legal responsibility on employers to ensure that any water systems where water droplets or aerosols can be formed are subject to a Risk Assessment Survey to enable decisions to be made to prevent or minimise any risk to the health of employees or the general public.